Frequently asked Questions

Is there a recommended selection process to be used?

Many councils have their own selection procedure that they use. However, please email us on or contact us on 0499 111 944, if you seek assistance and we will provide you with a selection toolkit.

Is the recipient required to be an Australian Citizen?

No.  Although preferred it is not necessary that recipients be Australian Citizens.

Does the “Citizen of the Year” have to be between 25 years and 65 years of age?

No.  If you have an outstanding senior or young citizen who you think is worthy, then they can be successful in either their age category or the general category.

Is our Council able to close nominations later than 31 October?

The 31st October is our official closing date for nominations to allow you plenty of time to consider your nominees, make selections and provide your award recipients’ names by 7th December. This will allow us to produce certificates and medallions, and send it in time for your award ceremony. We will also be amending the website on November 1st to advise that nominations are closed. Late notifications may incur an additional cost if express post is required to ensure delivery of your certificates and medallions before your award ceremony on Australia Day.

Is the recipient required to live within our Local Government area?

Your nominees or recipients should reside or work principally within the Local Government area in which they are being recognised.  You may therefore, award a person who lives outside of your local government area, but who conducts work within your area that benefits your community.

Do we have to present the awards on Australia Day? Our community celebration is not always held on that day.

Whilst we prefer the Awards to be presented on Australia Day it is not essential.  Please let us know if you have an alternative date as we may publish all recipients on our website on the next working day after Australia Day and understand that some details may need to be embargoed.

We are a small Local Government Authority and don’t receive many nominations from the public. Can we nominate people ourselves?

Yes.  If you find you don’t receive many nominations from the public, the Local Government Authority can nominate people based on their local knowledge of who has been making an outstanding contribution to the community (individuals & groups). However, we’re aiming to raise the profile of the program with the help of our media partners and social media campaigns which will hopefully attract more nominations.

Do we have to present all four categories?

No. If your council considers it inappropriate to present a particular category then you are not required to do so.

If we consider the nomination is better suited in an alternative category, can we move it?

Absolutely! Our aim is for all nominees to be considered in the most appropriate category.

Can former recipients receive the award in subsequent years?

Yes.  Recipients can receive the award on more than one occasion in recognition of their particularly outstanding community contribution or their involvement in an alternative initiative.

Does it cost anything to participate in the Awards?

The cost of delivering the Awards is covered by Local Government’s Annual Gold Level Subscription to Auspire. To find out more about becoming an Auspire Subscriber please contact us on: 0499 111 944 or email:

We are not a Gold Level Subscriber of Auspire - The Australia Day Council WA, can we still participate?

The awards program is available to Gold Level Subscribers only. Subscription fees are invoiced in advance in May each year for the next financial year’s activities and access to subscription benefits, including the Awards.

Will the Governor be able to present the awards at our Council event?

Whilst His Excellency is the Patron and the signatory on the Award Certificate, he is unable to present at the local community events due to other commitments in the lead-up to and on Australia Day.

We have a large group of people receiving the Active Citizenship award. Can we have more than one medallion?

Yes you may. Whilst the membership fee only covers the provision of four category medallions, extra medallions can be ordered for a small fee.

We have several different ceremonies within our Local Government Area because we are very spread out and it's hard to get our whole community in one place. Can we receive multiple Award kits for our multiple community ceremonies?

Absolutely. We encourage you to engage with as many communities as possible within your Local Government Area and welcome your request for extra certificates and medallions. The certificates will not attract an extra cost, however the medallions do. Please contact us to discuss your needs and we can work out and agree with you the fee to cover the costs.

We'd like to recognise all nominees. Is this possible?

Of course. Auspire has a range of certificates available for a small fee for nominees and/or finalists. Please contact us via your councils program representative.

Can my council join at a Gold Level Subscription after the May invoicing period to take advantage of the Citizen of the Year Program?

Yes, Local Councils can join any time throughout the year. Full fees are payable from June until 31 November. After this date, pro-rata fees will be considered for the remainder of the financial year.

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