Selection Guidelines

In choosing the recipients of the Community Citizen of the Year Awards, regard is given to the nominee’s achievements in the year immediately prior to receiving the award, as well as their past achievements and ongoing contribution to the community.
A nominee need only be nominated once to be considered. The number of nominations received per nominee bears no weight in their selection.

Recipients will have been judged to have shown,

  • Significant contribution to the local community over and above what is normally expected from their paid employment/business.
  • Demonstrated leadership on a community issue resulting in the enhancement of community life.
  • A significant initiative which has brought about positive change and added value to community life.
  • Inspiring qualities as a role model for the community.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Nominees should reside or work principally within the local authority making the award.
  • Awards may be granted posthumously in recognition of recent achievements.
  • Groups of people or couples will not normally be eligible except when meeting the criteria for a community group. Though a couple or pair working together on a joint initiative may be considered in an individual category at the discretion of the local selection committee,
  • A person may receive an award on more than one occasion in recognition of their particularly outstanding community contribution or involvement in an alternative initiative.
  • Unsuccessful nominees may be nominated in future years.
  • Nominations must be apolitical in their nature and should not in any way bring the awards program or local government area into disrepute.
  • Sitting members of State, Federal and Local Government are not eligible.

Auspire encourages all nominators to recognise and acknowledge those in their community displaying ideals of social justice, cultural diversity and social inclusion. We also want to highlight the importance that the reconciliation process plays in enabling people to feel valued and contribute more positively towards society.

Reflect, Respect and Celebrate community contribution on Australia Day. We’re all part of the story.

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